Top 3 Cleaning Franchises to get involved

Today, many people are opting to start their own business in lieu of working the more traditional 9 to 5 job.

One option in running your own company is to open a franchised cleaning business.

In many ways, this can provide you with the best of both worlds, as you essentially have your own business, yet you are still provided with the support and training of a large and stable company.


3 of the Biggest

3 of the Biggest

Advantages of Buying a Cleaning Franchise

For years, the debate has raged on regarding whether it is better to start a company from scratch or buy into a franchise.

When weighing the pros and cons of each, however, the franchise model does tend to have many nice benefits.

When considering buying a cleaning business, there are a number of advantages to going with a franchise. These benefits include:


  • Step-by-Step Instruction – When you start your own business from scratch, you typically are required to handle all of the details on your own. This oftentimes means figuring out each and every detail – which in turn could also entail making lots of unnecessary mistakes. When you purchase a franchise business, however, you are provided with step-by-step instruction as to how to get the business up and running. This helps you get the operation underway much more quickly, without the need to go through a painful, and typically costly, learning curve.


  • Name Brand / Company Awareness – In many cases, a franchise will also provide you with instant brand awareness. Starting your own one-person firm would require you to go out and make a name for yourself. This is very difficult to do. Going with an already known name, however, gives you instant credibility with potential customers. This also makes your customers much more comfortable in doing business with a name that they already know and trust.


  • Training and Support – A franchise will also provide you with training and support – both initially and over time. In the beginning, the franchisor will assist you in getting the business started, from how to set up shop, to your initial marketing campaigns, to any initial promotions. The franchisor will also assist you with any hiring that you may need to do if your company needs employees. Likewise, ongoing support is typically provided whenever you have any questions or concerns. This is the opposite of starting your own business where you are oftentimes out there on your own.


  • Marketing and Advertising – Franchises assist you with marketing and advertising as well. In fact, if you are a franchisee of a large multi-national company, it is likely that you will have some pretty large ad campaigns to back you. This is bound to bring in lots of customers.


  • Financial Backing – Depending on the franchise, you may also be able to obtain financing through your franchisor should you need to borrow money for a down payment, inventory, or supplies. Oftentimes, in order to get their franchisees up and running, the home office will offer financing at favorable interest rates.


Top Cleaning Business Franchises to Consider

Although there are many different cleaning franchises in the marketplace today, there are a few companies that should be considered ahead of the others. These companies include:


  • Coverall Cleaning Concepts

    Coverall has a network of over 9,000 franchise owners. With this many happy franchisees, they must be doing something right. The company has a mission to be recognized as the world’s leading brand in the commercial cleaning niche, primarily via its high quality and innovative solutions. The firm provides in-depth training to its franchisees so that each one understands the quality that goes into their services.


  • ABM Janitorial Services

    ABM Janitorial Services has been in the business of facility solutions for more than 100 years, giving this company a very strong and solid background. It has locations in the United States, as well as in more than 20 different international locations. The company is well known for its building maintenance, as well as its cost efficiency. ABM provides services on a local, regional, and national basis.


  • Jani King Cleaning

    Jani King Cleaning is yet another one of the large and well known names in the commercial cleaning businesses. The company provides its services to a very diversified mix of clients, including general office buildings, manufacturing companies, retail locations, resorts, hotels, banks, healthcare facilities, event locations, stadiums, educational venues, government offices, and restaurants. Therefore, anyone who is interested in opening a Jani King franchise will be able to pick and choose from a wide variety of venues to target.


While many people may think that owning a franchise takes a great deal of capital, the truth is that you really don’t need have a lot of money up front in order to get started.

Oftentimes, these franchise companies will work with a potential franchisee in terms of working out financing and other details so that they can get their businesses up and running as quickly and easily as possible.