10 Steps on Starting your Commercial Cleaning Business


Legal Issues

Before getting your business up and running, you may also want to have an attorney on file that you can contact in the case that any legal issues come up.



One of the most important steps that you will need to take in preparing to start your commercial cleaning business has to do with marketing.

Regardless of the type of services you offer or the market that you serve, if nobody knows that your company exists, then you aren’t going to be very successful.

Therefore, you will need to come up with a good marketing plan for getting the word out about your company and your commercial cleaning services.

Here, you can go as high-tech or low-tech as you want. For example, many companies use online marketing such as email blasts to a list of potential customers.

Likewise, you may also opt to go door to door and hang flyers on the doors of office buildings and retail shops in your surrounding local area.

Another great way to promote your company is to have magnetic signs made for your vehicle.

That way, wherever you go, people will see your advertisement. Be sure to keep the ad short and easy to read, though, as people will only have a limited amount of time so see and read it.



Who is Your Potential Target Market?

When considering a commercial cleaning business, you will want to establish who your target market is.

This is important, because if you don’t have a large enough market in your area, your company may not be profitable.

Therefore, you should do a thorough assessment of the best potential customers for your cleaning services within a specific demographic distance.

In operating a commercial cleaning company, the best target customers for your business will likely be the following:

  • Office buildings
  • Doctors / Medical buildings
  • Insurance agencies
  • Companies in strip malls
  • Retail shops

If you are starting out small, you will probably not want to target larger establishments such as big corporations.

This is because you would need several crews in order to cover the entire location each night.