7 Things to Avoid When Picking Your Cleaning Business Name

Today, there is a great deal of competition in the cleaning business. Therefore, it is essential that you set yourself apart from your competition.

Certainly, one way to do that is through doing a great job, while another is by offering superior customer service and support.

How to Pick the Very Best Name for Your Cleaning Business


Pick Your Name Wisely !

Pick Your Name Wisely !

Yet, how can you stand out from the others in your industry before potential customers have even used your services yet? The answer – by having a catchy company name!


Creating Catchy Company Names


When a couple is preparing to have a baby, they will typically spend a great deal of time coming up with the perfect name for their child.

Oftentimes, new business owners will do the same thing. This is because in many ways, your business is like your new baby.

It will be a big part of your life – and it may be with you for many years to come – so the name that you choose should be something that you love.

For the most part, cleaning company names are usually not very exciting. In the past, names for cleaning businesses didn’t stray too far from the ordinary.

Therefore, if you can come up with a name that is truly unique, your company is likely to stand out above the rest – long before potential customers even use your services.

In coming up with catchy cleaning business names, you will first want to sit down and have a brainstorming session.

Here, be as creative and imaginative as you possibly can. In this initial phase, leave no stone unturned. Write every possibility down, as this is simply a good place to start.

In discovering the ideal name for your company, you are hoping to come up with something that has a positive sound that at the same time communicates your company’s mission, and is distinctive and concise.

The name should also be easy for customers to remember, easy to spell, and ideally easy to create a company logo around.

While many new business owners would like to name their business after their own name, such as “Joe and Company,” this doesn’t necessarily let potential customers know what the business actually does, nor does it state how the company can help customers solve a need.

Should you truly wish to use your own name, a better option may be to go with “Joe’s Carpet Cleaning.” This way, the name states what the company does and how the services fits a particular need that a potential customer might have.

That, however, still does not solve the issue of catchy. In that regard, you want to keep in mind that the name should be “sticky.”

This refers to the fact that the name should be unique and memorable, and something that will really stick in a potential client’s mind.

Think about the last time you happened to see a memorable company name. What was the name of the business?

Was the company named Joe’s Diner, or rather was it named Hot Potato’s Fries? It was likely that latter that stuck in your mind.

In keeping with the cleaning business theme, you may wish to go with something both catchy and relevant such as Dirt Busters.

This name is unique, while at the same time it also lets customers know what the company does.


Do’s and Don’t s When Naming Your Cleaning Business

When finalizing your list of cleaning business name ideas, there are a few important factors that you should keep in mind.

This will help you to further narrow down the group to the ultimate winning candidate. These include:

  • Be sure that the name you choose is easy to pronounce and spell
  • Do not use words that have a negative sound or connotation
  • Don’t be too generic (otherwise, potential customers won’t know what your company does)
  • Consider where the name will fall in terms of a directory listing (i.e., alphabetical listings)
  • Be sure that you can stand behind what the name represents
  • Be as creative and imaginative as you possibly can

Once you have decided upon your company’s name, let it sit for a day or so before moving forward. Remember, your company’s name is the first step towards creating a strong business identity – a brand that you intend will last for as long as your firm is in business.

Your company name is also something that you will be seeing a lot of each and every day – on your company’s signs, business cards, invoices, and stationary.

If you have a logo on the side of your car or truck, you will also be seeing a lot of it there, as well. So, be sure that this is something you can live with.

Then, if you still love the name after a day or two, you have likely found a winner.

This is a good sign, as this is the name that you will be linking all of your customers’ perceptions to, along with all of your company’s branding and image.