How To Start A Janitorial Business That Will Replace Your Job

Starting a janitorial business is not a typical, everyday occurrence. It's in fact a process that requires a good deal of preparation and planning.

So if you're committed to succeeding with your janitorial service business, understand that you're going need to be able to meet the unique challenges that go along with it.

The fact is, actually starting your janitorial business is the easy part. The real difficulty lies in what you do before starting, during the preparation phase.

Starting a janitorial business can be an involved albeit relatively fast process. It can usually be done in two weeks or less. Depending of course, on the amount of preparation you put in!

Here are some guidelines to get you on the right path during the preparation phase:

-- Develop a business plan

This is a critical step that anyone looking to start a janitorial business (or any business for that matter) should do, yet they skip it.

Doing so usually has disastrous results. Without a solid business plan, you are essentially a boat without a rudder in the open sea.

Commit to developing a well-conceived, executable business plan, and you will find that embarking on your business venture will be far easier and with much less risk.

Checklist for Your Business Plan

-- Research your competition

This is another critical misstep that many people make when preparing to start a janitorial business.

It's important to know your competition, and figure out who you're up against in your market. While this takes some diligence and effort, it will ultimately save you time, money and headaches down the line.

By knowing, understanding and even modeling what your competition is doing right, you dramatically improve your chances of success. Don't miss this critical step!

-- Research your local market

Another major factor in starting a janitorial business involves researching your local market.

Determine how many potential businesses, offices and other possible clients are available for you to service.

This step goes hand in hand in researching your competition. Your local chamber of commerce should be able to tell you what you need to know.

When you research your local market, it arms you with the information and data that you need to ensure that your market is viable and conducive to building a successful a janitorial business.

Remember, starting a business is a progressive chain of events that require a great deal of groundwork. We'll go over this process a bit.

This should help you plan out and visualize how you will go about launching your business, depending on various factors.

One of the ideal ways to determine whether or not you are up to the task of starting a janitorial business is to do some in-depth research.

Take the time to assess the daily routines and habits of people who are already running janitorial services.

How do they manage their time?

How do they promote their businesses?

Can you identify the leaders in your market?

Are you able to do what they are doing in order to succeed?

It's important to understand that you need to be ready to work as keenly and efficiently as your competition, if not more so!

Understand how they operate, how they manage their employees, and conduct day to day operations. Emulate their routines as much as possible.

In addition, reflect on these questions:

Can you effectively supervise and manage employees?

Can you handle the marketing responsibilities that your business will demand?

Do you have the sincere desire to grow your business?

These are questions that any person looking to start a janitorial business should be able to answer affirmatively.

Doing so means that you have the right attitude, mindset and desire to build a successful janitorial business.

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While setting up a janitorial service may sound daunting at first, doing the necessary research and self-assessment will definitely streamline the process.

Consider all of these suggestions and tips. Be honest with yourself regarding whether or not you will be able to consistently live up to your responsibilities on a daily basis.

If you can focus your energies and activities on being productive, spending two weeks or less to prepare for and start your janitorial business should be fairly painless.

While it may sound somewhat easy, understand that you will have a somewhat challenging road ahead. Let's face it, if it were truly simple, everybody would be doing it.

The fact is that most people who start a janitorial business fail within their first year. Usually because they didn't plan and/or execute their venture properly.

By staying focused on starting your janitorial business off on the right foot from day one requires planning, organization and self-discipline.

So before you do anything else to embark on your business venture, ensure that you're willing to commit to these critical things.

By looking around at other folks who are running successful janitorial businesses, you may find that they understand the game that they're in.

They have a clear picture of all that is happening in their local market, as well as with their own competition.

By learning, understanding and recognizing what it takes to successfully run a janitorial business by observing them, you are already halfway down the road to success!

Be sure to yourself that starting a janitorial business is a more desirable alternative than your other options.

For example, taking the “safe” route and working at a steady job instead.

Understand that you need to possess the essential skills that entrepreneurial, sales-savvy, and dedicated people have.

You're also going to want to make sure that you can fully take on the other major roles and responsibilities that come along with operating your business.

Can you supervise and manage employees?

Believe it or not, many people who think they can, actually can't. 

There are essential skills required in order to do so successfully.

Another formidable trait to have is to be an action-taker. Most people struggle to start a janitorial business, then fall short due to poor preparation and lack of taking proper action when it's needed.

Need to cold-call 30 businesses a day instead of 15? Do it!

Need to pound the pavement and leave marketing materials four hours a day instead of two? Do it!

By being brutally honest with yourself and going over all the needed starting questions and criteria required for success, you give yourself a better chance of success.

Now would also be a good time to determine if you have the proper drive and dedication needed to succeed. Take a moment right now and ask yourself if you're truly ready.

Do you honestly possess a entrepreneurial attitude?

It's a vital part of the equation, otherwise setting up your janitorial service could be incredibly difficult, if not impossible to pull off.

Rest assured that researching your competition is indeed required, if not fundamental to success.

By studying, observing and understanding them, you only enhance your own chances of success.

Researching your competition will keep you focused on the game, and keep you on a course to victory with your janitorial business.

Now, that we've dealt with the issues of mindset, preparation and research, let's delve deeper into what is required to succeed!

Starting a janitorial business should be viewed as a life-changing decision. In those two weeks or less of preparation, you can also take into account how it will impact your lifestyle.

Remember, starting a business is never easy.

There will always be some hard work and challenging times ahead of you.

As long as you understand that your hard work and actions will pay off handsomely down the road, it should help you to be able to stay focused and committed.

Probably one of the best things about starting a janitorial business is the entrepreneurial aspect of it. By going into your business with the right mindset, you become a more capable entrepreneur over the long run.

Imagine starting out with one janitorial business in your hometown, then expanding into neighboring towns, cities and even other states a few years down the road.

It's entirely possible, if you're the right kind of entrepreneur.

By laying the initial groundwork at the outset, you increase your opportunities for future growth. The best part is that every time you expand into new markets, it gets easier and easier to do, thanks to the experience you incurred during your initial business startup.

With the right attitude and knowledge, the sky is truly the limit.

By starting up your janitorial service business, you are essentially investing a good deal of energy (and money) at the outset, in order to work less and enjoy a higher standard of living later.

Ultimately, the only person keeping you from reaping those long-term benefits will be you. Good sales abilities are needed to get your janitorial service rolling, it will make a big difference.

So you will definitely want to ensure that you focus your energies on proper marketing and building your clientele.

Now is the time to consider all that will be needed before opening up shop.

Developing a business plan, researching your local market and your competition are all intrinsically-important to ensure success.

Understand that these elements are essentially Business 101, no matter what kind of business you are launching.

Once you understand that you will indeed undergo a major lifestyle change with your new business, success comes easier over time.

If you look at running your janitorial service as just a “job”, it will do nothing but stifle your success.

Make your business an integral part of your life, especially at the outset, and you will find it easier to adopt the necessary habits needed to succeed.

So if you're still serious about setting off on your new business venture after reading this article, then consider yourself ready to start.

Prepare carefully, do your diligence, and then execute properly.

You will see how much of a profound effect it will have on your life, and faster than you could possibly imagine!

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