How to Grow Your Carpet Cleaning Business By Offering Additional Services

How Should You Market Your Additional Services ?

Although your carpet cleaning business may be successful already, you might still want to expand into other areas in order to obtain additional profit opportunities.

There are several ways in which to market your additional services.

First, because you are marketing your new services to your existing customers, you have some distinct advantages.

These existing clients will already be familiar with your company. Therefore, in many ways, they will already be “sold” on your company, too.

This is especially the case if you’ve done a good job for them and they are happy with your services.

For these existing customers, you may even want to offer them a “special” type of promotion that is only valid for current clients. Likewise, you might also consider offering your current clients a “referral” bonus.

This means that if they refer a new customer to you, they will get a discount on their next job. This is a true win-win scenario, because it ensures that you will obtain a new customer, as well as another job from an existing customer.

As the referrals start to stack up, you can really start to build up your client base.

By offering any or all of these new services, your advantage can work in another way as well – you may bring in new carpet cleaning clients through one of your new services.

For example, a new customer may call you for a job in carpet dying, and then decide to have other carpets in their house cleaned too.


Setting Yourself Apart

In marketing your company, there are numerous ways that you can set yourself apart – and a great way to start is by highlighting all of the additional services that you offer.

One of the biggest factors to highlight is the convenience that you can provide by having all of a customer’s cleaning needs taken care of at one time.

You could also work your way from the residential carpet cleaning business in the commercial industry.

For example, as your company makes a name for itself in the residential cleaning field, business owners may ask you to start cleaning their offices, medical buildings, or retail establishments also.

As you start cleaning business venues, you will begin to build a reputation in this area as well.


Other Marketing Considerations

There are other ways to set yourself and your company apart when marketing. For example, today, there are many customers who are becoming more environmentally conscious.

These individuals are seeking out companies that practice “green” methods of doing business.

If your company works in an environmentally friendly manner, you can focus on marketing your services to these types of customers.

Therefore, find ways in which your company differs from other cleaning companies and capitalize on those differences in your promotions.