How to Grow Your Carpet Cleaning Business By Offering Additional Services

Carpet dying

Because some customers may want to change the look of a room without purchasing brand new carpet, you could offer them carpet dying service.

This will require that you first steam clean the original carpet in order to remove any dirt or debris.

You can then either scrub or spray the dye into the carpet and use a stiff bristled brush in order to work the new color into the fabric.

Alternatively, you may also be able to use a steam machine in order to work the new color in. This can be a great service to offer to new or existing clients.

Restoration services

In the case of fire, flood, or other major catastrophe, you can offer carpet and flooring restoration services through your cleaning company.

While this may require that you invest in specialized equipment, it may be well worth it, as offering this service alone could raise your revenue significantly.

Carpet repair

On a smaller scale from restoration services is carpet repair.

Whether it is the repair of a seam or getting out a stain, you can also provide carpet repair services through your company.

There are any number of reasons why carpet will need to be repaired, such as faulty padding, flaws from stretching, water damage, tough stains, or rotted tack strips.

Sometimes a simple patch is all that is needed, while other instances will require a more intensive repair job.

Pet odor control

As many of your customers may own pets, offering an odor control service will likely be a top seller.

Any time one has a pet, there is a likelihood of certain messes taking place. Therefore, this is sure to be a popular service.