How to Grow Your Carpet Cleaning Business By Offering Additional Services

Initial Carpet Cleaning Equipment

To start, carpet cleaning business equipment will consist of a number of large and small items. These include:

  • Industrial vacuums
  • Deep carpet cleaning machines
  • Carpet brushes
  • Cleaning chemicals

Storage tanks for waste water.

Additional accessories that you may consider should include stair tools, crevice tools, upholstery wands, restoration chemicals, cleaning solutions, and a carpet rake.

The more equipment you have, the more services you will be able to offer to your clients.

Typically, all of the equipment that you need can be purchased at a janitorial equipment company.

You may also consider leasing some of the larger equipment in lieu of buying it. Likewise, you will need to purchase or lease a vehicle in which to carry all of your equipment from one location to another.


Other Services You Could Offer

In addition to just carpet cleaning, you could expand your business – and ultimately, your profits – by offering additional services. Some of these services could include:

Upholstery cleaning

Upholstery cleaning could include the cleaning of furniture such as couches and chairs. Oftentimes, customers will pay to have these items cleaned in lieu of purchasing new furniture.

This service can remove dirt and dust from upholstery fabric.

These particular particles actually act as allergens to many people, and they can also have a negative impact on the indoor air quality in people’s homes.

By cleaning upholstery, you can help to minimize allergic reactions. This is one way to market these services to your customers.

By cleaning upholstery, you can also make upholstered surfaces look better and in many cases, newer.

This service can also include adding a fabric protector to the surface after it is cleaned that will create an invisible barrier around the upholstered fibers.

This barrier provides resistance to additional dirt and other allergens. Just some of the upholstered surfaces that you can provide cleaning to include leather chairs and couches, arm chairs, dining chairs, recliners, and love seats.

Wall cleaning

Wall cleaning may be necessary when tenants move in or out of a property. This is especially the case if the tenant moving out was a smoker, as nicotine can leave a bad residue on walls.

This service can help to remove various discoloration and odors. It can also be helpful prior to repainting.

Wall cleaning is an effective way to both clean the surface and make the entire home smell fresh.

Drapery cleaning

Likewise, drapery cleaning is also a great service to offer.

Drapery cleaning can remove dust, pollen, odors, smoke, and other types of smells from drapes. Ideally, your service should be able to clean all types of drapes, including vertical and horizontal blinds (both aluminum and wood), convertible shades, roller shades, honeycomb shades, plantation shutters, and cellular shades.

In addition, some customers may also inquire about specialty types of window coverings such as swags, cornices, tie-backs, balloons, valances, sheers, scarves, and lambrequins. (Some of these may require special training and / or special equipment in order to clean).