The Dos and Don’ts of Creating a House Cleaning Flyer

When you own any type of company, the goal is to bring in paying customers. One of the best ways for a residential cleaning company to do that is through the creation of a flyer.

Colorfully created flyers can be posted on bulletin boards and other public areas so that potential customers may see the services that are offered and prompt a contact with the business.


Promotional Flyers

Promotional Flyers

Information to Include

When producing a flyer, you will be showcasing your company to people who may or may not have ever heard of your company.

Therefore, be sure that you include enough information to get them interested in taking the next step and contacting your company for the purpose of doing business with you.

Services Your Company Provides

Certainly, one of the most important pieces of information that you should include on your flyer is a list of the services that your company provides.

While you don’t need to go into minute detail, you should give enough information to let potential customers know that they can contact you if they need certain types of cleaning performed.


You will also want to include your rates. While you may not want to compete as the lowest-cost company on the market, you will want to keep your prices in line with the other competitors who are in your immediate area.

In determining the rates that you will charge, you will ideally want to stick with what is being charged in your local market.

That way, you won’t be overcharging your customers, and at the same time, you won’t be undercutting yourself.

One of the best ways to come up with the average house cleaning rates per hour in your area is to call several of your competitors and find out what they charge for the various services that they offer.

Make a list of the different companies and their prices.

You may find that some companies’ prices are much higher or lower than others.

However, for the most part, it is likely that they will all be fairly close to one particular range. It is here that you will want your prices to fall as well.

In keeping your prices within this range, however, you will want to differentiate your company in other ways such as customer service in order to stand out and make customers want to work with you.

Contact Information

Contact information is obviously an essential piece of information that should be included on your flyer.

Here, you should ideally include a phone number and email address. That way, customers can have the option of contacting you in more than one manner.

In addition, most companies today have a website. This is a great way to provide additional or updated information that cannot fit on the flyer.

Therefore, you should also consider putting your website address on your flyer so that customers will visit your site as well.

In doing so, be sure that you include a coupon or other type of promotional offer on your website, as this could promote more immediate contact from potential customers.


How to Create Your Flyer

In creating your house cleaning flyer, here are the steps you should take:

  • First, you will want to create a design for your flyer. In most instances, it is nice to include color so that your flyer stands out. Here, a picture is a good idea – just be sure that the picture doesn’t take up too much room, as you will need to have space for the information you want to include.


  • You will also need to decide if you want to include any “tear off” space. This refers to any place where readers of the flyer can tear off your contact information at the bottom or along the side to take with them. This could also include a small order form that could be mailed in.


  • Once you have decided on the design, you will need to determine the colors and layout that you will use. Usually a bright color is better for capturing the attention of potential viewers.


  • Next, decide on the actual information that you will include. As discussed, this should ideally encompass details about your service and rates, as well as information about how you can be contacted.


  • Once the flyer has been created and saved, it is ready for printing. If you have created the flyer yourself, you can print as many or as few as you need. Doing the work yourself will likely save you money. It will also allow you the flexibility to make changes to the flyer if you choose to prior to printing more in the future.

Getting the Word Out

Once your flyer has been created, it’s time to let your potential customers know that you are open for business.

Before you distribute your flyer, though, you should determine the ideal geographic area that you want to target.

You should determine the neighborhoods that you want to target based on what type of customer you wish to serve.

For instance, will your cleaning company target single family homes, apartment complexes, or another type of structure?

In any case, marketing and promotion is the heart of any business.

Even after you start to get a steady stream of customers, it is still essential to continue marketing your company, as you will always want to have new sources of incoming revenue.