8 Checklist Items you must have for your Cleaning Business Plan

Checklist for Your Business Plan

Checklist for Your Business Plan

Today, people seem to be leaving the corporate world in droves to start their own companies.

While there is no shortage of business start up ideas, one popular business to start is a commercial or residential cleaning business.

Following the Right Plan of Action When Starting a Cleaning Business


These companies can be started relatively quickly and without a lot of start-up capital required.

For those who are considering a cleaning business, there are several different options. One way is to purchase a cleaning company franchise.

With this option, a great deal of training and support is provided, along with a checklist for starting a business in the particular manner in which the franchise operates.

The other way to begin a cleaning business is to start a company from scratch. Although this may require a great deal of work up front, it also allows for more control of the business, along with a greater share of the profits once the company actually gets up and running.

Either option has its advantages and its drawbacks, depending upon personal preference of the individual.


Starting a Cleaning Business Step-By-Step

In getting your cleaning business up and running, there are several essential items that must be taken care of prior to securing your first customer.

In order to ensure that you complete all of the necessary tasks, having a business start up checklist can be helpful. The items on that list should include the following:


  • Complete your cleaning business plan. Your cleaning company business plan is essentially your blueprint for success. This detailed plan will outline all of the procedures that you plan to undertake for achieving your company’s goals. It should also include your company’s financial information such as your cash flow and income statements. This will be especially important if you will require any type of financing, as a lender will need to review your cleaning service business plan prior to offering you approval for a loan.


  • Set up a business bank account. You will also need to set up a bank account for your cleaning business. This should be a separate account from that of your personal savings or checking account.


  • Obtain business licenses and / or permits. If you require any type of business licenses or permits, you will need to acquire those prior to opening your company to customers. Your local Chamber of Commerce can assist you with which permits and licenses you need, as well as with where they can be obtained.


  • Securing your cleaning business insurance policies. It is likely that your cleaning business will also require you to purchase a liability insurance policy. This is especially the case if you will have employees working for you, as they run the risk of becoming injured on the job. You will also need to inquire about purchasing workers’ compensation insurance.


  • Hire an accountant or CPA. You may need to hire an accountant or a CPA. Although your cleaning business will likely start out small, business taxes are different from those of personal tax returns. Therefore, you may require the assistance of a tax professional in handling your tax returns for your company going forward.


  • Have an attorney on retainer. Although you may not plan on getting into legal trouble, it is always wise to have an attorney on retainer. In today’s lawsuit-happy society, most businesses should at least be affiliated with a legal professional with whom they can inquire about various issues.


  • Market and advertise your company. Certainly, no matter how great your services are, your company won’t make any money without any customers. Therefore, you will need to market your services. There are numerous ways to do this, including radio, television, and newspaper ads, mailers and coupons, and online promotions. Flyers also work very well when promoting this type of business. Oftentimes, posting a flyer in a well trafficked area such as a popular grocer will catch the eye of many potential customers.


  • Likewise, by going door to door and hanging flyers on businesses or residences, you are likely to generate calls from potential customers within a relatively short period of time. In addition, most businesses today have their own web presence. Therefore, it is a given that you should have a company website where you can provide more details regarding the services that your cleaning company provides, as well as your rates and contact information.

Overall, you can typically get your cleaning business up and in full operation within just a couple weeks time.

This means that you can be seeing income within a short time period as well. Because these types of businesses usually require very little initial capital outlay, you should be operating in the profit zone quite quickly.